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Custom Carbide Tools Made in the USA

  • Fill the form, and we design the tool that you really need, then you can make your setup more rigid.
  • By answering our questions we can design drills and endmills specific to your needs. 
  • It is not what we want to manufacture for our catalogs, it is about manufacturing the right tool that your setup needs.
  • Your design will improve the tool life and increase speed.
  • Offerings outside of the 2-day turn program, other custom tools will be delivered in 2 weeks bright and 3 coatings. 
    Unless it is something unique that we need to have special material built.
  • Multiple coatings offered on standard lead tooling.
  • Great sources for custom coolant hole design and standard. 
  • Over 125 years of Carbide tooling experience and knowledge, all U.S. made.

Reduced Head End Mill Double Step Drill Form Single Step Drill
US Made Straight Endmill Reduced Head End Mill US Made Double Step Drill US Made Single Step Drill
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